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Welcome, Small Businesses & Self Starters!

Whether your company is a startup firm, service industry or Fortune 500 manufacturing company, the Gateway Region has an employment base suitable for every employer. Whether you are new to this game or a seasoned pro, a lot of planning and capital (and sweat!) goes into making your dream a reality. This section has resources to help you with all the major parts of setting up and running a businesses, from getting funded, to finding and training employees. Or get ground-up support and mentorship through the Gateway Center for Enterprise.

Get Started

Points of contacts here offer a comprehensive, soup-to-nuts approach to help entrepreneurs and start-ups develop sound plans, market analyses and financing plans.

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Access Capital

Need help finding financing for your project? Unsure about setting up your first U.S. business location? Looking for the right lender to expand your facility? Find financial resources here.

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Find Employees

Use these resources to find the right people to grow and improve your business.

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Training & Human Resources

Once you’ve found the right people, you may need help managing hiring processes; or, you may need to offer customized, trade-specific training. Find assistance here.

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