CCWA to Offer Classes at Wakefield Training Center

The Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA) is pleased to announce a training partnership with The Wakefield Foundation in which they will be offering multiple classes this fall at the Wakefield Training Center in Sussex County. CCWA, a workforce development partnership between John Tyler Community College (JTCC) and J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, provides non-credit training, custom-designed instruction, assessments, consulting and educational programs for local individuals and businesses.

“Job seekers, employees and citizens in the southeast corner of our service region typically don’t travel to our three locations,” said CCWA Vice President Mac McGinty. “These classes will allow individuals to complete short courses… and become more productive while at work or tackle a project. For many, it will be the foundation of technology classes to come.”

The fall classes being offered in Sussex County include: Basic Computer Skills, Internet Basics, Excel 2010- Level 1, Intro to Windows Movie Maker and Build A Powerful Website with WordPress. CCWA also plans to provide follow-up courses and “expand on its current offerings.” JTCC is also working to offer some credit courses in the near future.

“We hope we can continue offering the classes down here, and hope we can move on to offering online classes,” commented Joan Drewry, president of the Wakefield Foundation Board of Trustees.

The Wakefield Foundation, which offers a variety of classes by various sponsors, has been partnering with local colleges such as John Tyler and CCWA for almost 15 years. “We’ve been pleased to death with working with them,” Drewry said, “it gives the people in this area a good opportunity to take classes.”

CCWA provides individual and group training services throughout the Greater Richmond region for government, corporate, non-profit and educational employers. Their services are administered by more than 100 instructors to more 14,000 participants, representing approximately 1,100 employers in the region annually. Some of their recent partnerships include training employees of the Bon Secours, Dominion, DuPont, Southern States and the Virginia Department of Social Services.

“CCWA continues to offer hundreds of courses (in-class and online), custom-designed programs, consulting and meeting services,” McGinty said. CCWA also recently announced they are “introducing new film industry training for those interested in working as a production assistant on movie, television, digital and theater projects throughout the region.”

For more information on these classes and others opportunities available, please visit the CCWA online catalog.