International Business

Access to Culture & Policy Makers

For expats, immigrants and visitors, the location has a myriad of cultural opportunities and festivals to make all newcomers welcome, as well as programs and resources to aid businesses in expanding export and import activity. Embassies, 50 nonstop international flight destinations, and national policymakers are two hours away in Washington, D.C. and state-level officials and cultural resources are less than 30 minutes away in the state capital Richmond.

Foreign Investment Concierge Services

VGR is a one-stop resource for international businesses exploring U.S. operations. With years of international experience from annual overseas trade missions, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities for international businesses, and are dedicated to simplifying and supporting foreign direct investment in Virginia. Some of the free support services we offer for foreign companies and organizations considering an investment in the region:

  • Assistance in scheduling meetings with government officials, attorneys, financiers and more
  • Arrangements for visits to companies, regional destinations, and sites and buildings
  • Opportunities for local experts to make relevant presentations
  • Access to meeting rooms and accommodations
  • Teleconferencing to facilitate meetings with Virginia companies
  • Supplier and customer access
  • Site selection research including market, workforce, costs, and other local intelligence
  • Connections to local, state and U.S. policy makers
  • Support for financial savings through incentive programs

Top International Employers

Company Country Employees
 Alstom Power, Inc. France 584
Sabra Dipping Company Israel 450
Gerdau Ameristeel Brazil 450
 Maruchan Japan 400
Rolls-Royce United Kingdom 300
Evonik Industries Germany 200
Campofrio Foods, Inc. Italy 175
Filtrona Richmond Inc. United Kingdom 170
Amcor Tobacco Packaging Switzerland 150
Blueprint Automation Netherlands 81
Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. Japan 68
Eternal Technology Corp. Taiwan 41
Payne Richmond, Inc. UK 38
MGC Advanced Polymers, Inc. Japan 35
PARI Respiratory Equipment, Inc. Germany 33

Export Support for Virginia-Based Business

For Virginia companies considering entering international markets, there are resources available at no cost:

  • Metro Richmond Exports Initiative (MREI): Explore this pilot-program for Richmond-area companies on their website, metrorichmondexports.com. The MREI offers area businesses: an introduction to exporting issues, trade mission and international trade show support, access to export resources, partners, and a growing network of metro area exporters and service providers.
  • Gain an International Foothold: Virginia Leaders in Export Trade (VALET) helps Virginia companies gain a profitable foothold in global markets, utilizing resources for participating companies such as sales planning, private-sector expertise, or capital resources up to $15,000 toward export related expenses
  • Trade Missions/Market Visits: Visit international markets as part of a team of like-minded Virginia companies. These trade missions include pre-planned business meetings and other services as needed such as language assistance, facilities coordination and networking receptions
  • Market Research: Classification of products for export, due diligence and shipping data, etc.
  • Global Network: More consultants located in more than 75 countries work to support Virginia’s business community and increase international sales through matchmaking, personalized market research and additional services localized for each country
  • Contact: Lee Sanderson, International Trade Manager, (804) 545-5755, LSanderson@YesVirginia.org