Location Services

Our team works with state and local governments and over 100 private-sector partners in the Gateway Region to facilitate your company’s location needs. Contact us for immediate, personalized and confidential services, including:

  • Single point of contact: Streamlined communication for research collection and decision processes
  • Custom region, site and building tours: Organize and guide tours of local sites and buildings, meeting coordination and other points of interest
  • Meetings and introductions with business contacts and policy makers: Local employers, import/export experts, workforce and staffing, regulatory and government entities, and on-demand outreach to answer project-specific questions
  • Financing and incentives: Preview and proposal preparation
  • Available buildings and greenfield sites: Maintain extensive database and draw from multiple sources including brokers, private and public sources, and on-demand outreach
  • Streamlined GIS resources: Local, regional and topical maps. downloads and GIS resources
  • Labor market analysis: Demographics, workforce, education, major employers, and all other location-specific information
  • Commercial market analysis: Supply/demand, business inventories and more
  • Mapping, engineering and technical assistance: Build-to-suit and design-build coordination, site design layout and more
  • Employee recruitment and training support: Case studies available for organizing job fairs, lowering training costs, and creating training and apprenticeship programs