Taxes & Business Costs

Local businesses and residents enjoy the benefits of Virginia’s stable tax structure and tax rates, cost of living and other business costs that in many cases are far below the national average.

Business Costs

Virginia has low utility rates, workforce and building costs, contributing to the region’s attractiveness from a cost standpoint in comparison to other locations.
  • Building costs in the MSA are just 87.1 percent of the national average
  • 2nd lowest average workers’ compensation costs in the nation with average of $0.61 per $100 payroll is more than 40 percent lower than the national average of $1.07
  • 4th lowest unemployment insurance tax rate in the nation (59 percent lower than average).
  • Cost of living in the region’s communities, based on the local prices of food and other common goods, is 90.8, compared to the national index of 100
  • Right to Work: Employees do not automatically become a union member as a condition of hiring, heavily reducing union membership and collective bargaining by employees
  • Compare Virginia and the Richmond Metro to other states and metro areas


Virginia’s tax climate and cost structures has earned it a consistent place near the top of “best states for business” rankings. This consistent recognition comes from the consistent tax structures. For instance, the 6 percent corporate income tax rate has not increased in more than 40 years.

Sales & Use Tax

Level Virginia U.S. (Median) South Atlantic (Median)
State 4.30% 6.00% 6.00%
Local 1.00% N/A N/A
Avg. State + Local 5.30% 6.94% 6.39%

Income Tax

State Tax Rate
Corporate income tax 6.00%
Franchise tax None
Personal Income Tax
First $3,000 2%
$3,001-$5,000 3% + $60
$5,001-$17,000 5% + $120
$17,001+ 5.75% + $720

Local Taxes

For community-specific tax rates, download the Local Taxes Table or view an individual tax profile:
Community Commissioner of Revenue
Dinwiddie Website
Colonial Heights Website
Hopewell Website
Petersburg Website
Prince George Website
Surry Website
Sussex Website

Sources: Communities' websites and Virginia Economic Development Partnership, 2023 data