Chesterfield, Sussex Organizations Receive Virginia Land Conservation Grants

By Brian Coy, Office of the Governor

RICHMOND — Governor Terry McAuliffe announced 14 Virginia Land Conservation Foundation (VLCF) grants totaling $2.25 million. The grants will help add 2,000 acres to Virginia’s conserved lands. 

VLCF grants are used by private land trusts, local governments, and state agencies to protect and acquire special lands in the following categories: farmlands and forestry, historic areas, natural areas, and open spaces and parks. The grants require a minimum of a 50 percent match and many grant awardees provide more than that. The projects approved represent more than $13 million in public and private money going to land conservation across the state. As a result, the VLCF program leverages approximately four times the amount of funding than it awards in grants. 

“The VLCF board has selected a great mix of grant awardees with projects that will protect wildlife habitat, green space, public recreation opportunities and more. Ensuring the Commonwealth’s natural beauty is crucial to building the new Virginia economy,” Governor McAuliffe said. “I’m extremely proud that the Commonwealth can assist with the funding of these critical projects.”

“Many of the projects funded through VLCF grants will also help the Commonwealth reach its goal for the Virginia Treasures initiative,” said Secretary of Natural Resources Molly Ward. “Our goal is to record 1,000 recreational and land conservation treasures during Governor McAuliffe’s time in office. I’m proud to be a part of team that helps build the new Virginia economy”

The VLCF board is composed of 19 members appointed by the Governor, the Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections, and the Speaker of the House of Delegates. The board includes the Secretary of Natural Resources, who serves as chair, and the Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry. The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation provides staff to the foundation.           

The following list provides the project name, requesting organization and VLCF funding amount for the 14 approved grants. 

Editor’s note: The dollar figures below reflect only the state grant amount and the total cost of the project.

Project Name Location Requesting Organization Grant Amount, Acres Description
James River Conservation Area Chesterfield County Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation Department $302,000, 109.87

Purchase of land fronting the James River at the confluence with Falling Creek

Protection of Flatwoods at Piney Grove Preserve Sussex County The Nature Conservancy $69,655, 32 Acquire forested land adjacent to TNC’s Piney Grove Preserve

For the full grant descriptions and list of recipients, pleace click here.