DSCR Breaks Ground on Large Building Project

October 26, 2015 / Archived News/ Chesterfield County

Village News

Defense Supply Center Richmond, located in Chesterfield, last week held a groundbreaking ceremony on the campus of the DLA facility which distributes aviation parts. The division will replace Buildings 31 and 32 and include a new center restaurant, according to Chief of Engineering Services Branch Dave Kolmer. The new $87 million, 252,000 square-foot, five-story congressionally-approved building will be the first phase of a three phase development. Kolmer did say that only Phase 1 of the project has been approved. Phases 2 and 3 still have to undergo congressional approval.

Phase one will accommodate 875 employees with a scheduled completion date of October 2018.

Phase 2 of the project will include a $52 million, four-story expansion and new Fitness Center for an additional 575 employees, Kolmer said.

The last phase, Phase 3 of the project includes a $70 million, six-story expansion for another 1,400 employees that will replace Buildings 32, F-M Bays and Building 31, I-M Bays. The planned construction start date for this phase is mid 2021 with the building opening in 2023, Kolmer said.

In addition to new buildings, the East Gate Access Control Point (ACP) will be moved further down near Building 31 near the current gravel parking lot. This $5.7 million project will provide a new east entrance to the installation that will be in full compliance with current anti-terrorism and force protection standards. Kolmer said it will incorporate the existing traffic signal at US-301. He added that any trees that are removed because of the project would be replaced. Construction on the ACP was set to begin last month and be completed around December 2016.

Over a 10-year life cycle, Kolmer said, it is more cost-effective to construct the new buildings than it is to restore and renovate the existing ones. In addition, Kolmer added that the new buildings are energy efficient, modern, bright and environmentally friendly.