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Museums & History

The region was shaped by the events that took place hundreds of years ago. Historical attractions and museums tell the story of the nation’s heritage, from its colonial beginnings and Civil War division to the agricultural, industrial and digital booms of more recent eras.

Untitled-1Diverse Attractions
Through the efforts of many museums, historical societies and dedicated citizens, the entire timeline is a visible and vibrant feature of the region, with dozens of attractions that traverse Virginia history. And history isn’t the only basis for area museums. Science, children, tractors, architecture and peanuts: you name it, there’s something to enjoy.

Untitled-1Outdoor Experiences
Tourists and local families enjoy many of the region’s biggest attractions outdoors, such as popular and important Civil War battlefields and interactive historical parks, and a vision of the nation’s colonial heritage, Citie of Henricus, North America’s second English settlement after Jamestown. It doesn’t end there, with several majestic and historic plantation homes on the waterfront celebrating the agricultural history of the region’s heritage and serving as conference events centers.

Untitled-1Historic Virginia
Jamestown is just a ferry ride away, along with other pivotal sites in American history reachable within a one-hour drive including Williamsburg, colonial capital of Virginia; Richmond, former Confederate capital and current Virginia capital; Yorktown, site of the decisive American victory and English surrender during the American Revolution; Charlottesville, home of Thomas Jefferson; and so much more.