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Surry West Business Center *Certified Site*


167.5 Acres

Location: Commerce Drive and VA-10, Surry, VA 23883

Zoning: M-2


Verizon & PFNet booster stations in park. Wireless broadband tower in park, served by Mid-Atlantic Broadband’s open-access fiber network for data-heavy businesses.

Centrally located between Richmond, Norfolk, and Williamsburg.

Per Yoti Jabri (May 2022): Wastewater is currently sent to the Surry County Treatment Plant but starting in Late 2022/Early 2023, the wastewater will be conveyed by the HRSD’s Industrial Park Pump Station to HRSD’s Nansemond Treatment Plant by a pressurized wastewater force main. We are no longer expanding our Surry County Treatment Plant and it will be abandoned and decommissioned once our Surry to Smithfield Force Main Project is completed.