Nonprofit Works on Plan to Improve James and Appomattox Rivers

July 7, 2015 / Archived News/ Regional News

Staff Reports, The Progress-Index

The public is being asked for their input on how to make Virginia Rivers even better places to work and play. Residents of the Tri-Cities and Richmond areas are invited by the James River Association, to attend one of two brainstorming sessions focused on forming a Regional Rivers Plan.

The plan is focused on promoting public access and economic development along the Appomattox, James, Chickahominy and Pamunkey Rivers.

Shawn Ralston, program manager, James River Association, said that information gathered from the session will be used to create a handful of initiatives for the plan, set to be completed this fall.

“The goal is to look at the natural resource benefits as well as the economic benefits of the river,” Ralston said.

During both sessions, the public choose between discussing recreation and economics for several regions including: above, at and below the fall line, the Appomattox, the Chickahominy and Pamunkey Rivers.

Input for the plan was also selected from government leaders in several Virginia localities in a previous brainstorming session.

The idea for the Regional Rivers Plan was one of four strategies to improve quality of life across the Richmond region, presented by the James River Work Group of the Capital Regional Collaborative – a government, business and regional partnership.

The lead study team is comprised of professionals from the James River Association, Timmons Group, 3north and Richmond Regional Planning Commission.

The James River Association is a nonprofit formed in 1976, focused on education, outreach and environmental advocacy.

A local information session will be held on July 22, 6 p.m., at the Cameron Foundation, located at 228 S. Sycamore St. One will be held in Richmond at the Chimborazo Park Roundhouse on July 15, 6 p.m., at East Grace Street at North 36th Street.