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Our partners form a network of business and community leaders that keep the organization on course with its mission and take active roles in pursuing economic development opportunities for the region. We believe a strong partnership between the private and public sectors is essential to sustainable economic growth. This, besides automatic inclusion in our Business Council and opportunities to serve on its Board of Directors, partners support the organization’s ongoing business attraction and local community and business development efforts. Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what current partners have to say.


Making a Difference
By supporting VGR, partners support a robust program of work and a dedicated team of individuals driven to fulfill the organization’s mission. Our work directly impacts the quality of life for area residents by fostering business growth and job creation and pursuing continued development of regional infrastructure, assets and amenities. VGR’s services to businesses of all sizes diversify the region’s economy, maximize local innovation and create and groom employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Simply put, donations make all of VGR’s activities possible and impacts lives of the area’s citizens.

VGR’s impact is greater than the sum of its parts and partners. As we deliver core programs in line with our mission, we also rely on the expertise of partners to help address specific business needs as they arise. Whether it’s a technical engineering question, staffing needs, small business financing, or serving as a mentor to local entrepreneurs, partners have the opportunity to take an activerole and make a substantial difference in the region’s economic landscape.

By serving companies that have located in the region recently like Rolls-Royce, Sabra and, and the those that have long called the region home like Honeywell, DuPont and Ashland, VGR does its part to inject new jobs and capital investment into the region, ultimately providing cash and customers for local goods and services.

VGR partners benefit from the knowledge accumulated while working new and existing business projects. They have access to special industry and market research and are the first to know about the latest events and company announcements that shape the regional economy.

VGR features partners on its website and media output, and offers opportunities for both sponsorship and business-to-business leader networking events throughout the year. The organization also hosts many events that provide training and networking opportunities.

What Partners Are Saying

“Partnership and collaboration are the foundation for progress. We understand and value our partnership and its impact on local companies.”
-Victor Branch, Richmond Market President, Bank of America

“Our partnership with Gateway has been influential in ensuring that the workforce here in the region is industry ready. Now more than ever, workforce is the number one factor in a company’s location decision – our efforts speak to that and the Gateway Region supports our work.”
-Chris Chandler, President, AdvantaStaff

VGR in Action

With the assistance of VGR staff, partners and leadership each year, companies transition from open-minded prospects evaluating multiple regions worldwide into satisfied Gateway Region residents. Below are just a sampling of case studies from recent years.

Moss Motors | Sabra Dipping Company | Wood Fuel Developers

Become a Partner