Become a Partner

Be involved

We are the entry point for companies as they consider a location. They compare the Gateway Region to regions across the globe. It makes our case easier when we can pick up the phone and call our partners to get the answers that the company needs right away. If a company is visiting and could benefit from your expertise, we might even bring you along.

Grow your business

You’ll benefit indirectly from our work. By serving companies like Rolls-Royce, Sabra, and, we’re doing our part to secure a steady flow of new jobs and economic activity into the region. And when we work with existing companies like Honeywell and Wood Fuel Developers, we make sure they stay here. And where do you come in? These companies or their employees are going to buy your products or services.

Stay informed

Our partners benefit from the knowledge we accumulate in working new and existing business projects. They have access to our industry and market research, and they’re the first to know about the latest events and company locations that move and shake our regional economy.

What Our Partners Are Saying

“Virginia’s Gateway Region has brought us to the table on many occasions to lend our expertise in architecture and industrial building design to prospective companies. Working with VGR is always worthwhile and has been a mutually beneficial partnership for the region and for Baskervill.”
D. Ray Trevillian, AIA, Vice President & Director, Baskervill


“Virginia Gateway has done some great work for this region. In the current economy, attracting jobs to a region has become so competitive and of utmost importance. It is great see the recent success that they have had attracting new jobs to this market.  It really proves that this region is becoming known as the logistics capital of the world.”
Dai Barth, Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank


“Our partnership with Gateway has been influential in ensuring that the workforce here in the region is industry ready. Now more than ever, workforce is the number one factor in a company’s location decision – our efforts speak to that and the Gateway Region supports our work.”
Chris Chandler, President, AdvantaStaff

VGR in Action

Below are some case studies of projects that we have worked over the past few years. With our assistance, these companies turned from prospects evaluating multiple regions to official Gateway Region residents providing better jobs and opportunities for our citizens.