JTCC Modern Makers Open House Showcases STEM-H Programs & Jobs

When community members entered John Tyler Community College’s (JTCC) Chester campus on Wednesday, October 28, they were surprised to be greeted by flashing lights and commotion.

Fortunately, the lights were only coming from the college’s mobile simulation lab for emergency medical services education and the Community College Workforce Alliance’s new mobile learning center parked outside for touring. The labs were components of JTCC’s Modern Makers Open House, which invited area students to explore education and job opportunities in STEM-H fields.

“John Tyler decided to hold Modern Makers to bring attention to the great jobs available in STEM-H. We wanted to show the community how Tyler’s diverse programs train people for these careers, and we wanted to give people the opportunity to talk to area employers who hire in these fields,” said JTCC Public Relations Manager Holly Walker.

Upwards of 300 students, ranging in age from middle school to adults, came from all over the region to get an up close and personal look at the engineering/IT, manufacturing, health, and science fields. Participants engaged with live demos, panels and tested equipment they could use in class such as a welding simulator, 3-D printers and a classroom ambulance.

Representatives from 20 businesses and universities/colleges also lined the halls, to discuss opportunities at their companies and schools, giving students and prospective employees an idea of what careers they can pursue with the right training.

JTCC’s program is among many active regional initiatives dedicated to preparing the region’s workforce for jobs available today and those to come.

Learn more about area workforce development here.